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How to draw a Cartoon Camel Video Lesson

STEP 1. This is a Dromedary Camel with only one hump!
Draw your cross bars then an oval for the body of the cartoon camel.
How to draw a Cartoon Camel
STEP 2. Now draw the body and head of the cartoon camel using the DARK outlines as shown below.
How to draw a cartoon camel step two



STEP 3. Now draw the legs, the nose and then the bridge of the nose and the chin.
How to draw a Camel step three
STEP 4. Draw the eye sockets, the ear, and then the forelegsHow to draw Cartoon Camel    
STEP 5. Draw the nostrils the eyes and eyelashes, and now the feet, and tail.
How to draw a Cartoon Camel step Five

Step 6. Now you can color in your camel, with different shades of tan,brown and light ivory colors for the nose and ears.
How to draw a cartoon camel step SIX
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